Why learn WordPress during Coronavirus

The world is slowing down with the Coronavirus outbreak becoming pandemic and specially Pakistan where there are now one thousand cases and cities have been put under lockdown. Resounding question is: how to keep the global economy going in such challenging conditions?  Everywhere businesses are closing down and there are grave consequences for those who need to physically attend their offices. Rampant layoffs are forcing the world  to rethink how individuals and businesses can earn from home.

A key idea for many has been Freelancing. People have plenty of time at hand so they have started learning new languages and skills to experiment with ways to stay financially secure and find productive ways of utilizing time under the coronavirus outbreak.

Why Learn WordPress during Coronavirus

Thinking of what to learn as a new skill that would also help you financially? Our suggestion, learn WordPress, and build websites! Why? Because it is super simple to learn and is highly in demand. Major cities in Pakistan have been put under a lockdown which means this is a great opportunity for you to spend time experimenting with this tool, create new designs and build something for the world to see.

Pakistan has been ranked as the 4th fastest growing freelance market of the world according to the Forbes Magazine. Rapid increase in this community, provides an ideal time to join this group and take off with a global way of earning. Freelancing not only allows you to work from home but also it gives you flexibility to choose your own workload, work times and project types. It works best for someone who has responsibilities at home like those of new parents, or people with limited access to top industries. It is an ideal way to earn money online in calamities like the one we are passing through.  

WordPress is not only a great tool to learn for freelancing, but can also be helpful if you want to set up a website for your own business. Thinking of starting a blog, sharing a story with the world or have an idea to share that could help in these times? WordPress is a great tool to start your own platform, quickly and easily. 

In times like this pandemic, industries across the world slow down. Thanks to present day technology, individuals and businesses can look towards the freelancing community for support. This opens plenty of opportunities for online work. So if you do not know how to build websites through WordPress yet, do it now! 

What Is WordPress and Why you need to learn it

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular tools for creating websites and allows website creation based on any style and form. From creating simple blogs to entire e-commerce platforms, website builders have created all sorts of platforms with various Themes and Plugins offered by WordPress. 

Why learn WordPress For building websites

Used by 35% of the internet to build all sorts of amazing and cool platforms, one of the biggest reasons to learn WordPress to earn money online, is because you can take a quick start for free. Use and modify Themes flexibly, and create something extraordinary.

It does not bind its builders in any proprietary services and gives you the flexibility to host your website anywhere. Need to, or deciding to move your site to another hosting service at a later stage of your business? No worries! A key feature of using WordPress is being able to move your site to another hosting service anytime you want.

Cherry on the icing? You get a website that is not just Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ready but also has a responsive web design. Good user experience is a key factor in a website’s design. Responsive design is therefore not only important but necessary. Interestingly, WordPress automatically builds a platform that has this feature thus cutting down one more step to shorten your journey.  

Why is WordPress easy To learn?

Never built a website before? No problem!

Building websites with WordPress requires no coding or designing expertise. Quickly choose from a wide variety of already available free site designs called “Themes” to jump start. Isn’t it amazing to build a website without writing a single line of code or using any HTML or CSS? Just drag and drop various elements, select your theme, choose your hosting service, and boom! Your website is ready to run. All this makes WordPress the easiest way to build a website.

How we can help you learn WordPress online

Good news is that we have all the courses you need on our academy that can help you learn new skills from the comfort of your home. Our WordPress course is designed by Saad Hamid who is one of the top WordPress experts in the country and through our platform you can learn WordPress online in Pakistan and build an exciting digital career for yourself.

WordPress being high in demand, this could be a great time for learning. To be super productive at home these days, learn WordPress online, experiment with its tools, build your own portfolio for the freelancing community or set up your business in the digital space. This shall not only be a fun thing to learn during a lockdown but can also help you come out of tough times, stronger. Establishing yourself as a WordPress expert is a matter of completing a few good projects and you will have your chance to show something significant to the world.
Not sure where to start? check out our online course here.