Setting up your business for digital success – key tips

Although the definition of business success is relative to everyone, digital success for a business on the other hand is generally the sound of “click, click, click”. Whether you are a fashion brand looking to increase your Instagram following or an e-commerce platform looking to increase sales, the story is similar and whatever the case maybe, you as a business need to learn the art and skill of outreach. Thanks to present day technology, you can now have this level of connectivity now, but the only catch? Catching it! 

Building a steady stream of customers and catching those “clicks”, is not an easy task. Here are a few tips from our experts to help you set up a successful business in the digital world.

Set up the right brand image 

Let’s say you are planning to set up a food blog in Pakistan. Alia on the other hand is looking for a recipe she can use for baking brownies. If you planned your branding smartly, she will remember you during her recipe hunt, since, as part of your brand image, you promised the use of locally available ingredients in Pakistan, in  all your recipes. 

Branding is the first thing that a potential customer remembers about your business. Your branding strategy will be the defining element in helping people remember you. Key elements that help with this process include your: 

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Content
  • And marketing graphics on various objects like vehicles or workwear

How your brand creates trust with the audience and the sort of synergy your branding has with your ideal customer is a true defining factor of how many people will visit your website. Above mentioned elements are what create the first impression of your business and smart branding makes sure this impression is:

  • Lasting
  • Encourages engagement
  • And touches a potential audience at a deeper level 

So your goal must not only be getting people to remember you, but also to get people to your call to action and leave them with a positive impact.

Choose the right marketing platform for your business

Now that you have planned how you want to plant your brand in the minds of potential customers, choosing what platforms to do this is crucial. To do so, think about your ideal customer. 

  • Who are they? 
  • What demographics define them?
  • What are their interests that could aid your selling points
  • How do they use the internet?
  • Where will they find you?

How to gather the right insights for social media marketing

For a successful business, you must empathise with your potential customers, understand their true pain points and then build connections respectively. To create a successful business that would thrive in the digital world, you need to choose your marketing platform wisely. This decision must never be made without gathering the right data. Some tools you can use to gather such statistics include:

1. Facebook’s Audience Insights:

This is an ideal tool that lets you gauge who you should target on Facebook. It not only gives you great demographic insights, but also gives you a good idea about what your potential customers are interested in.

2. Google Trends:

Want to know whether your target audience is even interested in what your business serves? This tool lets you know what search terms are trending, how many people are looking into a certain topic and even gives you a region wise overview. 

So over all, digital marketing gives you a great way to keep reminding potential customers about your business and get their engagement and make the “click”. Not sure how to market in the digital world? Check out our course on Digital Marketing and learn everything there is about this domain.

Focusing on content marketing

The real challenge is getting the customer to stick around and get them to find what they are looking for. So once they land at your handles, all the information they read or find should strike their inner cords and make them fall in love with your product or service.

How good your content marketing is, and how good you got the word out, about your business, is what will determine how many visitors will stick and convert into customers. One of the determining factors that will help the audience locate you in the digital space will be the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the content you share on your website. A search result on a search engine is the first point of contact for a potential customer with you. Once found, and a synergy is hit, they will make the decision  to choose you because you were all they were looking for. 

Make sure your user experience is super smooth

The last stage is all you were waiting for. The visitor connected with you because of your branding strategy, they found you because you marketed your business so well. And now, they want to make that purchase or sign up for that subscription. If you have created a user experience that is easy to navigate through and has zero glitches, your visitor will become a customer. This will not only convert them into customers but also increase the chances of returning in the future. Tips to create a good user experience include:

  • Creating concise steps in the payment process. 
  • Ensuring the processes are well guided through the use of arrows and navigational design utilities.
  • Ensuring the user does not feel lost or confused and maybe has a chat assistant at hand in case.
  • Ensuring your digital handle has a responsive design so accessibility is possible through desktop and mobile both.
  • Having constant feedback support with every step that happens successfully ensuring the user that their actions were executed properly.

How everyone measures a business’s success is a varied opinion. Whether yours is gaining more traction or followers or making sales, that is a personal choice. However given you follow our key tips, this will hopefully get your business setup for success in the digital world.