Enhance your digital skills and learn how to earn through self-employment as part of this bootcamp.

The program is open to people of any gender. 

SkillsFirst helps you learn skills of the future

6 weeks long

The program is 6 weeks long offering physical classes and online lectures.

100+ HOURS

Blended learning program with 100+ hours of learning online and offline.

30 learners

The program limits the class-size to 20 learners max to ensure quality.


1:1 Mentorship

The participants will learn 1:1 from a pool of mentors and experts.

Who’s this for?

This program is designed for any female who is eager to learn essential 21st century skills so they can start using it in their personal life and/or professional life right away.

  • Ideal participant is a female aged anywhere between 16 to 40.
  • By the end of 6 weeks, you’ll have learned important skills to help you read, write and participate on the web.
  • You’ll understand what things like web development, digital design, social media marketing, freelancing and how to use them.

What to expect?

We approach each class with our hands-on, social and collaborative learning approach so you’ll learn from industry leading experts and have a time to practice your new knowledge with exercises and projects each class.

This program is designed for beginners, especially those working full-time or studying in a college/university. We allocate time in class to work on projects but there’s also a lot of homework and we encourage progressional as well students to apply.

Our advisors for this program

Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara

President P@SHA / NEST IO

Kalsoom Lakhani

Kalsoom Lakhani

CEO Invest2Innovate

Saba Zaidi

Saba Zaidi

Interaction Designer @ Google

Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad

Founder – Digital Rights Foundation

Sheba Najmi

Sheba Najmi

Founder – Code for Pakistan

Salma jafri

Salma jafri

Founder – Salma Jafri Media

Aurélie Salvaire

Aurélie Salvaire

Founder – Shift Balance

Tracey Vickery

Tracey Vickery

Founder – GetReadyU

This program is developed with great support from

Program roadmap

The whole bootcamp will last for 6 weeks with on-site classes every Saturday at WeCreate where a mentor will engage with the participants to teach them specific skills. Homework will be given to the students which they can complete and submit online in their own time.

The first week is all about setting the tone for the class. You, along with other participants, will gather for a ‘meet & greet’. Think of it as a crash course in computer shortcuts, text editors, computer tricks and more to get you ready for day one!
The second week will focus on the basics of HTML & CSS – what it means, what it is and you’ll start writing your very own HTML & CSS starting on day one. Then, we will teach you how to build your own website with WordPress!
The third week will take you through the basics of digital design and will help you learn simple tools that you can use and apply right away in your own projects, personally or professionally. There is where you will get a deep dive into Photoshop!
The fourth week will explore the vast world of social media and explore how we can use search engines and social media platforms for marketing.
The fourth week will explore the vast world of social media and explore how we can use search engines and social media platforms for marketing.
During the final week, we will get to explore the world of freelancing and learn a few basics of how one can grab opportunities of earning money online.

Questions? We have answers!

Why should I choose this program?

This program was designed with the approach of mixing hands-on approach with social and collaborative elements to make it fun, but also to increase opportunities of success of our students.

There is a reason why we don’t take more than 20 students in each class because we want the focus to be on you!

WHAT WILL I GET as part of this program?

Apart from the skills training, exclusive resources and training that you will getting throughout this program, we will also give you opportunity to interact with some of the top women from the tech industry.

Also we will be offering food/snacks for the on-site classes and a certificate of completion will be provided at the successful completion of the program.

What is the schedule for the classes?

There is one 6-hour long on-location class every week on Saturday that is mandatory for everyone to attend.

For the rest of the week, the students will be given assignments online that they will have to submit and they can stay in touch with the mentors and instructors throughout through an exclusive Facebook group!

How much do i need to INVEST?

A investment of 15,000 rupees is required either through cash or online transfer upon acceptance to the program which includes access to all classes, learning materials, 1:1 mentorship, our exclusive pool of curated resources and program certificate. Require financial assistance? Some scholarships are available upon inquiry.

Are there any scholarships available?

Actually we do offer partial as well full scholarships to deserving candidates thanks to our amazing sponsors who believe in us.

To request a scholarship or financial assistance, please fill out the registration form and make the selection in the relevant section and we will be in touch with you to discuss your case.

What are the requirements?

This program is meant for females of all ages and backgrounds – from beginners to intermediate. However we do hope that the participants will have prior knowledge on how to operate a computer and surf the web.

Also we expect the participants to bring their own laptops.