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Our Story

Our story began almost three years ago when we launched Pakistan's first digital skills program.

Now we are onto a new mission to help every single person in Pakistan realise their potential with digital skills.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

These are the people who make it happen!

Fasieh Mehta

Entrepreneurship Expert

Aine Fatima

Digital Marketing Expert

Saad Hamid

WordPress Expert

Salman Saeed

Personal Branding Expert

Muhammad Bin Masood

Microsoft Office Expert

What Our Students Have to Say

"Being a full time Marketing Executive, it’s highly necessary I keep up with the latest digital skills and trends in the industry to enhance my job performance"
Parwasha Anjum
"The depth of coverage and the idea to introduce people to a wide array of utilities in marketing is the highlight of the SkillsFirst Program"
Rujla Javed
"The value given at SkillsFirst is incredible. If anyone is wants to level up in their life then this program is for you"
Mustafa Zaidi
"The SkillsFirst program rightfully polished my skills and made me able to showcase them positively on a larger scale"
Saima Ibrahim

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