Crafted talent for digital world

SkillsFirst is a digital school that helps young people learn skills of the future.

Digital bootcamp

SkillsFirst helps young people learn 21st century skills to help them build a better career.

The Fellowship

Discover your leadership potential by learning skills at the intersection of digital thinking, emotional intelligence and social consciousness.

Diamond Challenge

The Diamond Challenge is giving an opportunity to high-school entrepreneurs in Pakistan to be a part of a global challenge on social innovation and win $1,000

Our mission is to make you super employable by giving you better skills

Digital Skills Challenge

The jobs of the future require skills of the future.

We have created an online challenge for young people that helps them assess their readiness for the future and helps them learn skills as part of the challenge.

Why digital skills?

The future is digital and we want to help young people stay relevant in the future by learning digital and leadership skills so they can build a better career for themselves and for those around them.

There’s no right place or time to start learning something.

Learn what they don’t teach you in Schools and Colleges, Discover yourself and build your future.