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SkillsFirst is a digital academy that will help you learn new skills to make your own success.

Become an Expert

Our courses are taught by top experts who are the best in their fields. Start learning with us today and polish your skills to get better jobs and build a better future for yourself.

Learn to Earn

Our courses will help you explore and learn a lot of new ways through which you can earn money online - at your home, at your pace; and we have made it easy just for you.

Do what you Love

Cannot find work that you really want to do for a living? We can help you discover and refine your talents so that your work is not just what you love, but also much more fun.

Every Pakistani should learn new skills

SkillsFirst Academy is for students, professionals, hobbyists and its for every Pakistani who wants to be successful by learning new skills. This platform allows you to learn at your own pace and earn knowledge to build a great future.

Featured Courses: Available now

Coding in Python for Everyone

This course by Jawad Sadiq will help you learn automation with Python. Python has been ranked as one of the top coding languages in terms of use, growth and ease of learning specially because of its application in creating scripts for Automation, Data Science, AI & ML.

Become a Digital Marketing Pro

This course by Aine Fatima will help you become a Digital Marketing Pro. Digital Marketing is a rising skill that has changed the entire industry and this online masterclass you will learn the art and science of finding the perfect mix of digital tools to reach out to your audience.

Learn WordPress to build websites

This course by Saad Hamid will help you learn how to build and manage cool websites with WordPress. WordPress now powers more than 34% of the entire web, so whether you want to learn it for freelancing or to manage your online business, this course is the best place to start.

Courses coming soon

How to build a Personal Brand for Success

Did you know that 80% of your success in life depends upon what people think about you. By applying simple tweaks and changes to how you look, how you talk, how you present yourself you can can win people, influence friends and change your life.

Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel

A lot of students and professionals claim they know this skill but only a few really know it for real. In this course we will teach you the art of using Microsoft Office tools so you can confidently claim it as one of the skills on your resume to win a good job.

How to bring your startup idea to reality

What if you could turn your idea into a sustainable business idea and earn millions? In the age where everyone is trying to build a startup, you will get to learn the art of entrepreneurship from Fasieh Mehta who has worked with thousands of founders.

Learn the right skills to build the right future

Acquire the right skills to make your future grow. Learn & Earn with knowledge.

Skills are more important than ever

Top schools in the world are now hiring talent based on skills rather degrees so skills are becoming super important in this new digital world.

Lifelong learning is the new normal

You can no longer survive with the knowledge and skills you learned in school of university so you need to constantly upgrade yourself with new knowledge.

Get a unique advantage for career

Learning new skills isn’t just about learning, its also about making yourself unique and getting a unique advantage to make yourself stand out as you build your career.

Brought to you by a team of skills experts in Pakistan

We know how hard it is to make a mark in the digital world so we want to open up our knowledge to the world so everyone can learn.

Our mission is to help everyone learn skills of the future and so we have created this platform where you can do that.

The platform is first-of-its-kind learning academy which is made by experts, for people who want to become experts in the digital revolution which is why we have decided not to limit this to just freelancing skills rather we hope to provide all kinds of skills.

SkillsFirst Academy is different from the array of online course platforms you will come across specially because the courses you will learn on this platform are made by experts.

Remember, the only true way to learn is to invest your time and money so our courses have a minimal fee so we could keep our operations running while providing you top notch support.

Frequently Asked Questions

SkillsFirst is built for everyone. Its for students, its for professionals, its for those seeking jobs, its for those who are trying to upskill themselves or those trying to invest their time to learn skills and earn.

These courses are carefully chosen by industry experts to give you an edge with your skills in professional life and most courses will help you learn a skill that you can monetise later.

SkillsFirst Academy is a team effort. The courses are recorded are first imagined by a team of experts, who reach out to other experts and get them to record these courses in our high-tech studios and later the supporting material is created.

The instructors are carefully vetted and selected by our team. But, if you believe that you can add value to the community with your experience – then let us know and we would be happy to discuss further. 

Unique Courses in Urdu/English That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

We know you can learn through YouTube but there is a lot more to learn that that you won’t find anywhere but only here.

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